577152_10150790419053566_152598451_nI’m a technology guy / writer based in Rochester, NY. Here’s a place to collected my stuff published or broadcasted in various places on the internet.

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  1. Chris;

    Read your latest article in USCHO – great stuff and I think I have an explanation for the attendance issue of why more fans weren’t at the BCA playoff games. The reason was the RIT Woman’s hockey team – in the 2011 and 2012 seasons the men’s and women’s teams were forced to play at two different locations at the same time. The women had home ice for the 2011 and 2012 NCAA Division III playoffs and in what I think was secret plan to split the corner crew by the NCAA ( Look what Niagara did on Saturday the 16th ) they scheduled the men’s and the women’s teams at the exact same times thus forcing a split of the Pep Band and the Corner crew. It also factored into the attendance at the women’s games, both games were NOT a sellout from what I understand ( I was there both times ) but it was close.

    One of the reasons I was happy that the women went D1 was that I knew the NCAA couldn’t pull a stunt like that again and indeed they didn’t this year with Mercyhurst as they didn’t have to go through that. I always thought it was vulger of the NCAA to do that to RIT and now hopefully it will never happen again where a school has to split their fans in half. It’s not fair to any school and it certainly wasn’t fair to us nor either team.


    Bruce Hartley
    Class of 1987 – BS in Systems Software Science

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