Remembering Ray Shahin


Ray Shahin was an extraordinary educator, man and musician. As an expression all he has meant to each of us, we’re putting together a group to perform Ray’s arrangement of “Somewhere” from West Side Story at the calling hours this Sunday @4pm at the Harris Funeral Home on the corner of Titus and Kings Highway.

Here are the realities and challenges of the project
We have very little time to put this together.
We need all parts covered. We all can’t play the 1st or lead part
If you have an ego, leave it home. It’s all about Ray
No hot dogging. Play the music the way he wrote it and with all the beauty and love you can.
We all need to know our parts. It will be hard enough for some, to play through the emotion.
If you can’t play with us, please consider standing with us as we play. Your presence is important!!

I’m hoping we can meet in the old Bishop Kearney Band Room @ 2:30 to do some playing and work out logistics. At 3:40 we shuttle to the funeral home down the street. We play at 4pm at the close of the calling hours.

What do we need?
Everyone who has been impacted by Ray – SPREAD THE WORD NOW!!! There’s no time to waste! Some have said they think Hilton and Holley may have played this same arrangement. If that’s true let’s get them on board.
Download parts from
Have your instrument in a working, playable condition (appropriate parts oiled, greased and polished)
Play, play play. Be Prepared!
Dress will be black pants/white top Some of you may have Alumni polo shirts. Those would also be appropriate.

We have an opportunity to create a lasting and beautiful memory for the family and for all of us.
Let’s give it our very best!

Also, does anyone have contact info for any alumni pianists? I need to know right away.

Unfortunately, I have a performance out of town this Saturday. But will respond to as many emails or phone calls as I can between now and then.

My mobile is 585.953.3521

Thanks and bless you all for your efforts to help bring this about. I have no idea how many to expect for this, but I’m hoping to be overwhelmed!!

See you on Sunday!!

-Doug Morrow
BK Alumni ’78